The bible is the world’s best-seller; more copies have been sold than any other book. It is the guidebook for Christians, and has shaped culture, law and morality in many societies. It covers God’s relationship with human beings from before 2000 BC to about 95 AD. The story of Jesus divides our history into BC and AD. In the same way the bible is divided into the Old Testament (before Jesus lived on earth) and the New Testament.

The English word “Bible” comes from a Greek word meaning “the books”. It is a series of 66 books, like a library. The many books together tell one major story. God, the creator, made human beings to have a relationship with him. Humans rebelled against God, but he made a plan to save the world – to send us Jesus Christ. This is good news for us today. But starting to read the bible for the first time is never easy.

You could start reading the bible by using the studies shown on the Home page. Each eBook uses the New International Version of the bible and is written in easy-to-understand English. There are online and internet based bibles widely available, see the Links page for some sources. Also if you are not yet a Christian but would like to know more find a bible-teaching church to attend.